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Duplex Home Design

Create Inspiring New Homes with Our Experienced Duplex Home Designers

Residential developers and investors are always looking for an efficient way to generate more value from their properties, and the duplex home design is ideal for that purpose. As a building, it’s already subdivided into separate units that maximise flexibility for your clients. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you with creative and cost-effective duplex floor plans, continue reading below.

Benefits of Using Duplex House Plans

Why should you consider a duplex for your next home design? This structure is perfect for several residential strategies:

  • Investment Properties – As the buildings are already subdivided, you can lease one property to multiple tenants. Each unit has its separate utility costs, which allows you maximum flexibility regarding tenants you permit in the building. As you generate revenue from the tenants, the building itself will continue to retain its value according to the local real estate market.
  • Close-knit Families – Developers looking to sell their new construction may find that duplexes have a special appeal to families. Those professionals who have ageing parents can use the second unit to keep them close, while others may prefer to have aunties and uncles nearby to help look after children.
  • Mortgage Management – New investors must often consider their monthly expenses when seeking new properties. Duplex homes are ideal for the savvy investor who wants to make money from their property by living in one unit and letting the second to offset their mortgage costs. Eventually, this revenue can allow the investor to purchase additional properties and expand their portfolio.

What Sets Duplex Building Design Apart Regarding Our New Duplex Designs

Our team of building designers possesses a unique set of skills that allows us to serve our clients better. There are several essential ways in which we stand apart from other designers and architects: 

  • We work directly with builders on your behalf. Whenever they have routine questions about the project, we’ll handle them for you so that you remain undisturbed. Whenever there are issues that demand your attention, we’ll get to the heart of the matter and communicate to you everything about the situation that’s relevant.
  • We’ve been in business for nearly a decade and have completed numerous projects. Our team has a proven track record of success and has developed relationships with contractors throughout the region. We set our experience at your service to expedite the project and reduce your costs.
  • We also help you eliminate the hassles of navigating through local politics and administration. Our team will submit every application and the paperwork necessary for your building. Further, we’ll pick up the approved designs so that you won’t have to interact with governmental bureaucracy directly.

Jointly, we make it easier to complete your projects than other designers. Let us save you time and stress so that you can reap the rewards of your duplex designs becoming a reality.

Related Services We Provide to Modern Duplex Plans

We’re not a one-note organisation. Our skills translate into other related projects, so if your duplex plans are part of a larger project, we can also help you with:

  • Extensions and Additions – Get more value from your existing properties by adding bedrooms, porches, decks, sunrooms, and more. We’ll design these additions to match the building’s current style so that the design flows well and without interruption.
  • Granny Flats – Perfect for those who want to create additional living space without changing the existing structures, granny flats are an excellent option to get more value from your current property. Entice new tenants or prepare an already-excellent property to make money on the market.
  • Commercial Design – Make sure that your building represents your company. We can refit existing buildings or help you design a new structure that meets your needs for today and future expansion. Our designers can create modern plans for retail, offices, and service industry locations.

Our team is always excited to try new projects, so contact us today if your ambitions extend beyond duplex house plans.

Key Questions You Should Ask About Duplex House Design

Many of our clients are new to building construction and have questions regarding our services. Here are several common questions that new clients have:

  • What does a building designer do?
    In addition to the various services we’ve explained so far, a building designer also liaises between our clients and the numerous contractors involved in construction projects. As we have familiarity with both commercial and residential projects, we know how to ensure that your designs adhere to all local regulations and receive council approval.
  • Do you add fees throughout the process?
    We don’t add unnecessary fees to any project. In fact, we explain every expense related to your project at the outset so that you can make an informed decision. We strive to keep our costs low and remain competitive at all times. Transparency is a core aspect of our working philosophy.
  • Where can I see samples of your work?
    We make it easy for potential clients to see the kind of work we’ve completed. Our portfolio features recent work with images and descriptions to help you directly see our quality. 

About Duplex Building Design

We believe that our work should make construction projects simple. Our team gives each client personalised, direct attention and takes care of the time-consuming tasks associated with new construction and redesign. If you’re considering a new building project and want to develop a duplex design that can maximise the return on your investment, contact us today to start the discussion.




Get your FREE Checklist and 3 Part Video on "How To Prepare the Perfect Design Brief in less than 30 minutes"

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